sâmbătă, 6 iunie 2009


What started as a normal day turned out to be quite a hectic one...
But no regrets! I really had fun, even though when I finally arrived home I could barely walk...
It all started when I had to cross the whole city to retrieve some photos and I ended up as the assistant's assistant at a wedding (actually I was a sort of gofer - go bring me water, rub my back, hold my camera... :P) and because there were so many couples to get married today, our couple had to wait for almost 2 hours for their turn.
The problem was that I was supposed to meet the girls for a little shopping spree at TIBCO (The international fair of Bucharest) at 14.00 o'clock and the ceremony wasn't starting on time. So I told them to come to the Town Hall and we would all leave together. So in the end the couple who hired a photographer and a cameraman ended up with 3 assistants as well :))
Finally we arrived at the fair and for almost two hours we enjoyed a little shopping therapy which included indian scarves (of course), coloured bone bracelets (which lose their colour if you sweat) and loads of earrings and rings.
It is so much fun to go shopping with girls... We had a boy but he got bored quickly and left us to roam around the fair undisturbed :P
Unfortunatelly it was the smalles fair so far, I remembered the previous editions where there was a sea of merchants and nice things to buy, but the world crisis struck again.

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