luni, 8 iunie 2009

Germany + Ireland = Czech Republic

You want to know how I got to this conclusion?
Well... my soul sister from Pilsen wrote me today telling me she's getting married!!!
And she rreally rrreally wants me at her wedding, and she wants me to take pictures.
Sooo, she rreally rrreally stressed me out!!!
I started with the small things, like going to Lufthansa and changing my flight so I'll be able to attend the wedding. Luckily it didn't cost much, otherwise I would have had to fly through Vienna, and it would have been sooo complicated...
And now my only stress is taking pictures at a wedding where not all the guests speak English or German, I have no idea what happens in church and I worry that the pictures will be crap and I'll disappoint Eva :((
But I think after a few Pilsen beers I will gather my courage and make beautiful pictures. Hopefully...

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