marți, 28 februarie 2012

Smoked Trout Salad

125 g smoked trout, 300 g champignons, 1 small celeriac, 1 carrot, 1 jar (250 g) Remoulade Sauce, 50 ml milk, 4 cherry tomatoes

Cut the fish in small pieces, remove the bones.
Slice the champignons and fry them for 5 minutes.
Grate the celeriac and the carrot, mix with the fish and the champignons.
Add the sauce diluted with milk, and the cherry tomatoes.

duminică, 26 februarie 2012

Movie: The Movie

And the Oscar goes to....

vineri, 24 februarie 2012

Got Milk?

Now I can imagine all the boys starting to drink milk :)))

miercuri, 22 februarie 2012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

It's more kids oriented, but there are some scenes that will bring the house down...
The Rock rulz ;) and who doesn't want dwarf elephants as pets :D

duminică, 19 februarie 2012

Yoghurt with honey (Yiaourti me meli)

Here is a quick dessert, of greek descent, absolutely delicious and sooo easy to make :D

500 gr greek yoghurt, 4 tablespoons honey, 5 tablespoons chopped walnuts

Mix all the ingredients and serve!

miercuri, 15 februarie 2012


I just saw Haywire...
Despite good script, great actors, good director something is amiss. Maybe the sound editing?
Apart from that, some scenes were filmed in Ireland, so it made my day trying to recognize the places and made me want to go back to Ireland soon ;)

luni, 13 februarie 2012

Big Cat Week on National Geographic

Someone should make this documentary...
Maybe I should :))

vineri, 10 februarie 2012

Speeding around the world in under 5 minutes

I want to do this too... I just need sponsors ;))
Anyone interested :D