sâmbătă, 13 iunie 2009

Busy day :)

I started the day with the beautiful civil ceremony of Gina & George, I wish them all the best and I will see them next Saturday for the religious ceremony. Afterwards I visited my father, because technically it was his birthday today :( and I finished the day with a birthday surprise party :))
We were worried that the birthday boy won't get surprised because the cars were parked outside the restaurant, but he really didn't noticed them soo... he was surprised :D
And the biggest surprise was the arrival of the 3 weird sisters who made wishes for him and reminded him of his childhood adventures...

P.S. And the pub where the party took place isn't bad either, great food and tasty cocktails ;)

It is called Trafalgar Pub and is located near the Turkish Embassy on Calea Dorobanti.

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