joi, 11 iunie 2009

Graduation no. 2

Considering that I went to Anca's graduation, I couldn't miss Mihai's graduation.
So... on a hot Thursday evening I went to see if my nephew graduated IVth grade.
And he did it!
He actually received a diploma for the most nonconformist pupil of his class (this actually means he was the naughtiest one and that his teacher was happy to get rid of him ;).
P.S. Never mind the cast, he just considered it's time to become the best goalkeeper ever - and the result was predictable for a first time football player - a broken hand!

P.P.S. And of course the day didn't end here, but at my neighbours with a birthday party and an amazing cake with white chocolate and green nuts confiture... and where everybody was sooo relaxed as you can see ;)

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