miercuri, 6 mai 2009


Oh, Glory Days... ARE BACK!!!
Popcorn fights reloaded - popcorn versus pretzels, loads of people queueing in front of the cinema, funny trailers - this could mean only one thing: Orange is back with a vengeance :D
We went to see the prequel to X-Men: Valvolin ;) http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0458525/ and it was a real treat!
Apart from the ever gorgeous Hugh Jackman in a leather jacket, we have Taylor Kitsch as Gambit and Ryan Reynolds as Wade/Deadpool.
The script is well written, there are plenty funny lines, the special effects are really... special, the fight scenes are beautifully choreographed, no wonder the movie is no. 1 at the US, UK and other box offices!
A special mention deserves the canadian scenery - unbelievable landscape, it really takes your breath away.
It is a great movie if you are a comics fan, and if you're not maybe you should become one!
It gets all my thumbs up ;)

P.S. The Ryan Brothers (Alex and Nick) from McLeod's Daughters have small cameo roles - if you blink you miss them...

P.P.S. Now I have to watch the other X-Men movies again so I'll understand them better - or maybe it's an excuse to see Hugh again?

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  1. Yeeeeehhhh,good movie, i liked the night scene when Wolfy stays alone in that barn, on the edge of his bed..:X.
    Unfortunately I could'n have popcorn,but I had pretzels..I had to have something to throw at my girlfriends:D.
    And Tyler (aka Gamlit)was spectacular, I fell for him from the first time in The Convenant :X