sâmbătă, 23 mai 2009


No, it's not the George Clooney show, it's the Romanian version.
I went with my mum to visit our newest member of the family at the hospital and there my adventures began.
My niece and niece-niece were perfectly fine, I couldn't belive that Anjelina was sound asleep when, in the bed next to her, was a boy who was screaming his head out!
It was so hot and humid there you couldn't breathe properly and I think a woman threw me the "evil eye" so I started to feel dizzy and I nearly fainted :(
On the way down, the elevator lady told me she knows the perfect disenchantment. So she stopped the elevator between floors and she started the "exorcism" :P
And actually it worked, I was feeling better in an instant.
But of course my mother wasn't convinced that I was better and she took me to the ER... in a wheelchair!

Unfortunatelly the Romanian ER is nothing like its US counterpart and I think George had the day off.
Of course until you're nice to someone, nobody will notice you, so after an exchange was made I became the most important person in the room, with my own personal doctor and two other running around. They decided I had a calcium failure and the best thing to do was to have a perfusion - my first perfusion... ever!
If I only knew it takes almost 2 hours to empty one... I would have decided against it!
To make a long story short, I am fine but I have to take calcium and magnesium pills daily for 3 months :(
So these are my adventures for a hot Saturday night.
Hopefully I won't have to see a needle in a long time, because they are not a pretty sight!

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