duminică, 3 mai 2009

LOTR overdose

I was really bored this weekend, being stuck inside due to heavy rains so I decided to watch some movies - which ones?
Well of course The Lord of the Rings trilogy!!!
I remember watching them in the cinema, I still can't believe I was able to stay in my chair for 3 hours without moving, fascinated by the whole story: the hobbits, the elves, the landscape - New Zealand beautiful as ever, and of course - the men - Sean Bean, Karl Urban, Viggo Mortensen...
Who wouldn't want to watch Aragon on a rainy day?
Even after a few years, the movies are perfect - story, actors, dialogue, special effects - but it's still impossible to watch them all in one day...
Because the extended versions are around 240 - 270 minutes each, plus extras and interviews, so unless you can prolongue the 24 hour day, you will surely OD!
But you will OD in style :D and you won't repeat the experience for another few years...

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