duminică, 31 mai 2009

Erin Go Bragh

My holiday plans are taking shape beautifully :)
Got the last cheap ticket to Munich, literally - I'm flying with Lufthansa, cause all the lowcost were too expensive - I can almost taste the Radler that's waiting for me at the Biergarten and today I got a really great offer from Ryanair to fly to Dublin (20 euros going in and 60 euros coming back - I know, it's not worth coming back with these prices...)
Now all I need is the money for lodging, if I can't find any I will probably sleep at the railway station (I've heard it's a pretty one ;)
I have no worries, because I know something will come my way... eventually!
I already started surfing the net to see what's worth seeing on my first EVER trip to the Green Isle. Although I pretty much know what I want to see, I'm still looking for interesting places...

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