miercuri, 20 mai 2009

Angels & Demons

The latest movie after a novel written by Dan Brown now in cinemas!!!
The first kkk+1 movie shown at Cinemapro!!! (no, it's not a ku-klux-klan movie, but it's something to do with the movie's resolution)
What can I say, I didn't like The DaVinci Code movie, but also I didn't like the book...
I heard that the book for this movie is actually better than the movie itself http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0808151/ so I might read it to understand more, because the movie doesn't explain a lot.
I liked three things about this movie:
First: the cinematography - it was really beautiful, especially all the scenes filmed in the fake St Peter's Church, Salvatore Totino did an amazing job, and I discovered that he was also the cinematographer for U2's video Staring at the sun :)
Second: the music - Hans Zimmer made a score that complements the movie beautifully
and Third: product placement: the new Lancia Delta. They only have to use some scenes from the movie and the commercial is ready!
What I didn't like:
- the accents - they were terrible, when everybody was speaking italian they sounded chinese, you couldn't understand a word, Ewan McGregor's irish accent sounded very scottish...
- the story was quite complicated and it wasn't explained very well
- and unfortunatelly Tom Hanks who should't take roles like these, but probably Ron Howard made him do it, considering this is their 4th collaboration :P
So this movie gets only one thumb up :(

P.S. But the day ended really well when Shakhtar Donetsk trained by Mircea Lucescu won the UEFA Cup against Werder Bremen with 2:1!!!
Although I'm not a football fan, I am really happy for Lucescu, I always admired him and his son.

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  1. i liked the movie..it was acceptable nice. loved the music and the visual, too. but i'm still waiting for harry potter this summer.
    aaaand...i'm almost extremely furious that i couldn't be in Montepulciano (Italy) theese days where they're shooting last scenes of New Moon..i'm fking mad!!!!