joi, 16 aprilie 2009

Sinaia, mon Amour...

Considering the fact that today will be sunny and warm I decided to jump in the first train to Sinaia, to see my castle in spring :)
So, at 12.00 o'clock, after a 15 minutes delay I arrived safe and sound at Sinaia Train Station where my friend from P. Tapului, Monica, was waiting for me for a lovely day of memories sharing about the good old days ;) when we were little and carefree and running like crazy in the gardens of Peles...
The weather was amazing, and my meadow was filled with spring flowers, it was a dream!
We stopped also for some papanasi at Economat, we strolled on the alleys and had loads of laughs.
I picked some flowers for my mum, but of course till I got to Bucharest (with an hour delay thanks to SNCFR) they almost died, but I cut their tails and now they are alive again!

P.S. When we were in the gardens we noticed a pretty girl with a huuge dog - a Romanian Carpathin Shepherd Dog - he was almost asleep lying in the sun, and then some schoolchildren speaking hungarian came by, talking loudly. I though he was going to eat them alive, he barked at them like crazy and wanted to chase them, he almost dragged the girl to the ground :)
Maybe he understood what they were saying or he was a patriot dog :P

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