vineri, 3 iulie 2009

B'estfest Day 2

Having so much fun on Day 0 I decided I should try another dose of good music, regarding the weather...
Considering the fact that the ticket was 150 ron I decided to look around and find cheaper alternatives - usually I'm quite lucky when it comes to cheap concert tickets - but no one prepared me for this!!!
Everbody was selling 2 tickets not only one, so I started looking for someone else interested in going to see Ab4 and Franz Ferdinand. And I found a friend of a friend who said if the tickets are under 80 she will buy one.
So I started negotiating on the net for 2 tickets for today for 100 ron both. And I found a nice girl who was selling them for 120 and after extensive emailing she agreed to sell them both for 100.
I was soo happy, I called my friend's friend and surprise! surprise! she could't come anymore.
So now I was stuck with a ticket and with the gloom perspective of losing money. So I decided to come early to the venue and try to sell my ticket for at least 50 ron...
When I arrived there lots of people were selling their tickets with 100 ron a piece, so I didn't want to break the market and I found someone who was very happy to buy my ticket for 100 instead of 150!
Sooo it means I went to an amazing B'estFest day for free :D
Somebody upthere must rrrrrreally love me!!!
And the best part hasn't come yet!!!
The day started with AB4 which I wanted to hear them live since forever (actually since 3 years ago when George was playing their music nonstop at the office). They were really good, unfortunatelly it was quite hot outside and they didn't have a big crowd for their concert, but... they did have a special spectator: Alex from Franz Ferdinand who was sitting next to me and was listening to their music! He actually said their music was great. I think he is the nicest pop/rockstar I ever met - he gave autographs to everyone, stayed for pictures and didn't complain at all... - really a greay guy.
After AB4 concert I met the guys and they are really nice - I just thought that Doru would be taller - and we hang out for a while.
Oceana followed and she was quite surprising with a good show and a nice voice - a better version of Amy Winehouse maybe. She has more hair than Amy that's for sure!
Next on stage was Alternosfera a loud band from Moldavia who rocked the place (or should I say who hard rocked the place?)
After this noise Gabriella Cilmi came to soothe us with her songs. Everybody knew some of her songs and despite the heat everybody was singing along...
Next were supposed to play the Klaxons, but unfortunately their bus broke down and they couldn't perform and the organisers found US3 who was playing in the evening in Bucharest to replace them. It wasn't the most inspired movement, but what can you do on such short notice.
And finally the moment we were all waiting: Franz Ferdinand took the stage and made an explosive show, maybe the best show for this edition of B'estfest. They were amazing, and when Alex started talking in Romanian he conquered the crowd forever!!!

Afterwards Orbital played but who noticed anymore, everybody was talking about Franz Ferdinand...

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