miercuri, 1 iulie 2009

B'estfest Day 0

Hurray B'estfest is here :)
Let the party begin and enjoy the good music.
We shall start with the Snails http://www.snails.md/ a band from Moldova who play very very loud - I thought that my eyes will pop out of their sockets - and they sing with a cute moldavian accent and you have trouble understanding them... apart from that they were OK.
Next it was Patrice http://www.patrice-music.de/ who reggaed his way with the crowd till he started singing Soulstorm and then all hell broke loose...
I mean it started raining, drop by drop in the beginning and then it started raining harder and harder and harder and harder till you couldn't see 1 meter in from of you. Unfortunatelly there were not many places where you could hide so the only solution was to try to take cover around the bars... but of course all the spectactors had the same idea so you can imagine the rest ;)
Now I can honestly say that I understand the word WET WET WET - after being rained for 2 hours I was dry only on the inside :(( but that didn't stop me from having a great time.
Next on the show were the guys from White Lies http://www.myspace.com/whitelies who rocked the place despite the rain...

Finally my friends arrived and we braced ourselves for the most awaited moment of the night: The Killers!!!
It is amazing to see a sea of people jumping around in spite of the rain, or maybe they were just trying to heat themselves?
Anyway the show was amazing, they even brought they own palm trees!!!

It was definitely a night to remember for ever and ever as the night
when the music defeated the rain ;)

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