marți, 2 martie 2010

OK Go - This too shall pass

Now this is an amazing video! The music is not so spectacular, but the idea is totally brilliant!!!
The total time to create the video from conceptualization was about six months, with two months of planning and four months for design and filming.
The final construction within the warehouse took over a month and a half during January and February 2010.
Once the machine was completed, the filming, using a single Steadicam took two days to complete on February 11 and 12, with an estimated 60 takes for the machine to properly function.
The first day of filming included 47 takes, none of which successfully completed the entire machine and necessitated a second day of filming.

Many of the takes ended only 30 seconds into the process, at the start of the song's chorus, where a tire would fail to roll properly into the next section of the machine.
The band had a group of 30 people to help reset the machine after each failed take, a process that took upwards of an hour depending on how far the machine ran.

(thanks Wikipedia for the information ;)

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